Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing

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Product Description

Who says massage oils have to be only therapeutic for aches and pains?
Feel good about yourself and warm things up by adding the seductive qualities of the natural vanilla bean to your bath, body or foot massage routine.

The most likely explanation as to why vanilla's scent is so captivating lies in the fact that the sweet fragrance (Heliotropin) in vanilla has the ability to soothe emotional tension, anxiety and lift one's spirits. A product that put's both men and women in the mood for connecting on an emotional as well as physical level is definitely worth being called the "nectar of the gods".
No matter how you choose to use vanilla oil, be it as a body oil, bath oil or massage oil, all will result in the tantalizing, sexy scent of warm skin.

Belly massages are very relaxing for both mom and baby, and this nourishing oil helps with tight, itchy, expanding skin during pregnancy.

The vanilla bean pods used for this massage oil are the natural, organic product of a labor-intensive agricultural crop. The vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolla) is grown as a perennial herbaceous vine in countries that are near the equator. It takes almost five years for the vines to produce beans ready for harvest. Once harvested, the pods must go through a sun drying, curing process to turn them into the fragrant brown pods of which we are familiar.

Natural vanilla is not the same as synthetic vanilla. Ninety-five percent of all vanilla used as a fragrance or flavoring is synthetic. Rather than just smell good, only natural vanilla beans can offer you the true, therapeutic value to the brain and nervous system.

Almond oil is very popular for massage oils because it is oily enough to glide easily over the skin, absorbs quickly but not fast enough that you feel you'll need to stop to reach for the dropper bottle. Almond oil is also a very nourishing and gentle oil for the skin. People with nut allergies should be aware that almonds are the source of this oil. Should you need a nut free oil convo me and we'll use another blend.

For use on the feet as in reflexology or just a good foot massage you will only need a dropper or two (1/2 - 1 tsp.) per foot and ankle area.
For a full back or body massage you may need 2 - 3 tsp.
When you squeeze the rubber dropper top it will fill about half way. Doing this twice will give you about 1/2 tsp. Four times will give you 1 tsp.
As a body oil be your own judge how much is needed, but for best results apply when the skin is slightly damp.
As a bath oil, use from 1 - 2 tsp. added to a warm bath. Be careful, as the tub may be slippery.

Vanilla Divine massage oil comes in a 4 oz. amber, glass dropper bottle. Should you want a plastic pop-up type bottle let me know.

Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing

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