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Spring is a season full of rebirth and new life. This basket of goodies would make a great Easter gift idea for that special someone who sees the end of winter as a sign for renewed spirits and healthier skin care choices.
Between the holidays and sporting events, winter is a season for many social occasions full of rich food and perhaps alcohol. Add lack of enough physical activity and by spring our bodies may need a little extra attention.

Let this sugar scrub help with the "out with the old, in with the new me" attitude. You can "shed your old skin". Give your body a boost to look alive and refreshed with the periodic use of an exfoliating, yet gentle sugar.
Pictured above is the Lavender sugar scrub but if you desire you can check out the entire scrub section to pick a different scrub if you want.
We have two coconut oil based sugar scrubs as well as two salt scrub polishes with the added cleansing of castile soap.

Bath salts and soaks are a great way to take some "you" time to reflect on what draining your energy levels. Pictured above is the Peppermint salt bath. Everything about the smell of peppermint says "wake up", "perk up".
Or, Check out the Bath, Scrubs, Salts section in the shop and choose a different bath salt if preferred.
We have a selection including Lavender, Lavender/Ylang Ylang, Orange/Vanilla, and Sandalwood/Patchouli.

Invigorating body sprays are a great way to start a busy day. Pictured above is the Rosemary and Lavender Body Spray, a calming, yet stimulating combination of essential oils that lightly scent your body while enhancing your mood.
Or, Check out the Body Sprays section of the shop and choose a different body spray if desired.
Other choices are Peppermint, a Patchouli/Tangerine spray, a Stress blend and a Face the Day Blend.

Being our largest organ, skin can tell us a lot. If you feel your complexion is looking blah, try a honey facial mask to help revitalize and soothe any skin issues you may be having. Honey is such a nourishing, natural way to deep clean, soften and nourish the skin. By plumping up those cells you just may see fewer fine lines. The mask pictured above is the raw honey and lavender honey mask. Lavender is very relaxing and helps keep minor skin flare-ups at bay but if desired you can choose one of the other honey masks in the Cleanse, Mask section of the shop.
Two other choices are Lemongrass/Peppermint to perk up tired or oily skin or Chamomile/Tea Tree to help deal with problem, blemish prone skin.

Beautiful skin begins with a good moisturizer. Pictured is the Wrinkle Wrath which has an essential oil blend known for regenerating skin cells. Our skin needs to stay hydrated and any of the selection of facial creams can help do that with the goodness of nourishing butters and oils.
Check out the Facial Moisturizer section of the shop to choose a different moisturizer. There are various types of creams, all slightly different to add variety or work around allergies and personal preferences. The Wrinkle Wrath and Serenity Cream both use nut oils, almond and hazelnut oil, whereas the Lavish Lotion and Scent Free both use apricot oil, and then we have the Rose Cream which uses Sunflower oil and Touch of Bliss which contains mango butter. Added essential oils are described with each listing. These creams are rich and excellent for dry skin, good for both day and night use. There is also a light lotion that is ideal for someone with oily skin, blemish prone or who has a coconut oil allergy.

For more information and ingredients used please check the individual listings within the shop

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Spring Skin Care Assortment, Easter Basket gift idea, Face, Body, Holistic Spring Skin Care Assortment, Easter Basket gift idea, Face, Body, Holistic

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