Rosemary Liniment, Herbal Oil for sore muscles, joints, bruises

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Product Description

Herbal oil infusions contain the therapeutic properties of the plants used and are very beneficial for massage.

Rosemary has long been depended upon for relief from rheumatic and muscular pain. This sharp, earthy smelling herb is especially useful for warming up cold hands and feet stiff from cold weather.

Arthritis and sore-muscle liniments from long ago utilized rosemary as their basic ingredient. A story is told of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary back in 1235 seeking the formulas of an old hermit. What she discovered was the various uses of rosemary in either oil or vinegar for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Rosemary needles are infused in cold-pressed olive oil for several weeks after which it is strained and with the addition of essential oils, becomes a potent liniment convenient for both the medicine cabinet as well as the gym bag.

Prior to strenuous physical activity, it is important to warm up your muscles and keep them supple. The application of a liniment before exercise increases blood flow thereby helps to warm up the muscles and decrease the chance of injury.

Should there be pain from over-exercised muscles, liniments can also help after soreness has set in. The muscles need to rest and relax.
Liniments have a way of tricking the brain. Pain creates a loop between the area of pain and the message to the brain reinforcing this pain. The focus on the pain makes it hard for the muscles to relax. The combination of the liniment and the friction caused by the rubbing application from our hands creates an increase in heat. This provides an opportunity for the muscles to relax. Certain plants activate both hot and cold nerve impulses in the skin. The contrast between the two makes a liniment seem hotter than it actually is.

Various essential oils are added to the oil base to provide a sensation of heat along with muscle relaxants. Eucalyptus and peppermint are penetrating as they activate both hot and cold nerve impulses. Ginger, marjoram, thyme and rosemary all help relax the muscles as they stimulate circulation. Cinnamon and cloves are warming and stimulating, creating the "hot" which is why some liniments need to be regarded with respect.
*** Be aware of possible skin sensitivity and do not get the liniment near your eyes.****

***Joint and muscle pain can be caused by either an acute or a chronic condition.***

Should the muscle pain continue or you experience swelling, you may have an injury beyond just overexertion.
Acute injuries such as sprains and strains may need immediate care such as the RICE treatment which is rest, ice, compression and elevation. See your physician if you have any doubts as to the severity of the injury.

Once released to your own means of healing an herbal anti-inflammatory liniment can be very effective at relieving the swelling, discoloration and pain.

Liniments can temporarily relieve inflammatory joint pain but chronic inflammatory conditions should be monitored by your physician.

Rosemary Oil Pain Relief Liniment comes in a 2 oz. glass amber dropper bottle or made into a salve by adding beeswax. You choose at checkout.

Use as needed by applying a small amount and use a rubbing action to create friction.
Look for skin sensitivity. May be too irritating for delicate skin.
Not for use on young children. Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep liniment out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will break down the properties of the essential oils.

Please be aware that I am making no claims that any of these products are a cure for any medical condition. They are a result of information gathered on the benefits of various plants and home remedies. They have not been tested by the FDA therefore have no studies attached to their use, only feedback from people who have tried them. I have no way of predicting how individual cases will react to use of a particular product, so please apply to a test spot before regular use. Please read the ingredient list and be aware of known allergies.

Meadow Muffin Gardens is the result of a passion to recognize the abundance of natural gifts provided to us by our Creator. Our desire is to utilize the healing power of plants and encourage people to educate themselves towards a greener footprint in their lives.
We supply an alternative choice for personal care products. We are not intending to treat or cure any particular condition. As with any herbal remedy, information and formulas have not been regulated by the FDA. Herbal lore has been trusted and handed down through the years but it is within your discretion how you use this information in treating a condition. Meadow Muffin Gardens does not take responsibility for your use of these products. Ingredients are listed so you as the consumer can use your own discretion as to which herbs, oils and essential oils may be beneficial to your needs.

Rosemary Liniment, Herbal Oil for sore muscles, joints, bruises Rosemary Liniment, Herbal Oil for sore muscles, joints, bruises

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