Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent

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Roses and elderflowers have been used by women for generations for elegant home skin care.

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Romeo and Juliet

The delicate aroma of this facial toner begins with a floral infusion in raw apple cider vinegar and finishes with a touch of moisturizing glycerin, aloe vera gel and witch hazel to soothe and cool, as well as the refreshing, skin-reparative properties of rose geranium essential oil.

Good quality raw vinegars restore the natural acid balance of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
By promoting circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin, vinegar becomes a tonic for the complexion. Dating back to the days of the Romans and used widely among Victorian woman, floral vinegars were common in baths, hair care, body splashes and skin toners. Raw vinegars don't go through the processing and distilling of the typical clear vinegars, therefore raw vinegar still contains the living nutrients and beneficial bacteria of the "mother".

Vinegar acts as an antiseptic, meaning it prevents proliferation of bacteria, viruses and yeast that could trigger infection. As a facial toner, it removes oily residue as it dissolves fatty deposits at the surface of the skin.

Roses have long been used in skin care due to their high content of vitamin C and ability to relax both inflammation as well as jangled nerves. Roses are a good combination with vinegar as they too have a tonic effect on the capillaries, reducing thread veins.

Women still take advantage of the blooming period of the elder bush and collect the lacy blossoms for their mildly astringent and stimulating properties. It was used to keep the face smooth, youthful and free from blemishes. Elder flower water alone is very good as a facial wash and for treating sunburn; infusing it in vinegar enhances the therapeutic value even more.

Facial toners are a very refreshing means to diminish that "shine" in the T-zone, tighten up pores after cleansing, or use as a mist to cool off. Spray onto a cotton round or square and gently wipe wear desired. Close your eyes if you mist your face. Follow with a moisturizer if necessary. Oily skin may not need a follow up moisturizer. Experiment with what works for your skin type. Toners tend to be drying if used too frequently.

Note: Witch Hazel traditionally is made through distillation resulting in a product with 14% alcohol for preservation. Witch Hazel can be made without alcohol but for preservation purposes, benzoic acid, a mild preservative is added. Please let me know upon ordering which type of witch hazel you prefer. Alcohol free is preferred if you want a product for very sensitive skin or are concerned about the toner being too drying. The traditional witch hazel with alcohol is preferred if there is concern with the risk of a preservative causing an allergic reaction.

Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner comes in a 4 oz. plastic spray bottle. If you have a preference of the bottle please let me know.
Pictured above are the white or natural #2 HDPE or amber #1 PET plastic, all easily recyclable.

Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent

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