Patchouli & Lavender Bath Oil, Sensual Soak

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Baths oils are nourishing for the skin and ultra relaxing for the soul.

Smell is closely related to memory, and fragrances can bring about emotional feelings which can catch you by surprise. If you try to figure out where that flash came from you may be at a loss.

The sense of smell acts mostly on a subconscious level and we are often unaware of the many odors in our environment as we go about our lives. Odors work through associations and often people find their creativity is enhanced with certain scents and find it fascinating but don't consciously have an explanation.

Patchouli is one of those scents you either love or would rather avoid. The power of association is strong with this essential oil. As fondly as my husband reflects on his youth, the main recollection of patchouli is from people trying to cover up the need for a shower. Though he does have to admit it made a good bug repellent. Then there is a female friend who calls it her own personal fragrance and feels young and alive with this earthy scent to take her back to good times in her life.

Patchouli has a powerful action on our psyche and brings a sense of sacredness of life. Its earthy smell can stimulate and strengthen the nervous system and act almost like a sedative for anxiety. Reaching deep into our emotions, this oil dispels sexual tensions and has become known as an aphrodisiac.
As a perfume it can cling to clothes for extended periods of time.

Containing a healing agent, patchoulene, patchouli is also recommended for healing inflamed skin conditions and wound care. Its skin rejuvenating properties help mature skin maintain its suppleness, therefore is often seen in moisturizing creams.

Lavender is one of those herbs most of us have experienced. Used in perfumery, cosmetics, burns and skin conditions, insect repellent, emotional anxiety, this plant is one of the most effective oils in natural cosmetics.
Lavender's sweet yet woodsy scent goes well with many oil blends and actually strengthens their effects. Known as the protective love of Mother Earth, lavender is like a gentle blanket to tuck us in when upset and burdened.

Our Sensual Earth Bath Oil takes patchouli and lavender essential oils and adds them to a carrier oil combination of olive, sweet almond, apricot seed, jojoba, and wheat germ oils. This balanced blend is good for most skin types. Not too heavy or light, these oils are soothing and skin softening. The jojoba and wheat germ oils also help prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life.

Our skin absorbs essential oils within 20 minutes while the carrier oil will remain to soften and moisturize. Don't be surprised if you find the aroma doesn't seem as strong after a period of time. The nose will stop registering as it becomes tired of the stimulation. Essential oil molecules continue to work long after our sense of smell stops detecting them. Should someone else enter the room they would definitely smell the aromatics.

In aromatherapy, the difference between a bath oil and a massage or body oil is the concentration of the essential oils. Bath oils contain a larger amount of essential oils.

To use a bath oil, fill the tub first and then add about 2 tsp. of oil. Swirl it around to disperse throughout the water and then get in. This 4 oz. bottle contains enough for about 10 - 12 baths.
When you squeeze the rubber dropper top it will fill about half way. Doing this twice will give you about 1/2 tsp. Four times will give you 1 tsp.

Bath oils come in a 4 oz. glass amber dropper bottle. If you prefer a plastic squeeze bottle please convo me.

 Patchouli & Lavender Bath Oil, Sensual Soak  Patchouli & Lavender Bath Oil, Sensual Soak  Patchouli & Lavender Bath Oil, Sensual Soak

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