Natural Deodorant Spray, Vanilla & Sage, Women, Men, Dog Odor Spray

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In the past, the decision between a deodorant and an antiperspirant seemed obvious in that I did not like to feel damp under the arms so chose an antiperspirant. But the constant worrying about aluminum increasing the risk for alzheimers disease and parabens increasing the risk for breast cancer made me seriously think about making the switch.

The active ingredient used in most antiperspirants is aluminum. Aluminum minimizes wetness by blocking the pores which prevents sweat from escaping. Our bodies are designed to sweat and it may be harmful to force the body to hold in harmful toxins that should be excreted. Remember that diet has a lot to do with how much we sweat and how that sweat smells. Keep in mind that raw apple cider vinegar and honey (1 tbsp. each) added to a glass of water and drank once or twice a day can help the body absorb toxins. As far as the concern with aluminum contributing to the risk of alzheimers and cancer, The FDA continues to have the "wait and see" attitude until definitive studies are released.

Being this spray contains no aluminum it won't eliminate wetness, but it will destroy odor causing bacteria. Rather than be exposed to things like triclosan for its anti-bacterial and odor killing actions, why not utilize the power of our plant world. Certainly safer than using a known carcinogenic pesticide. The alcohol base of this spray along with the antimicrobial properties of essential oils destroy odor causing bacteria which is what we want in a deodorant.

This deodorant spray contains a vanilla and sage alcohol infusion which is then diluted with witch hazel, distilled water and a bit of vegetable glycerin so as not to dry out the skin. Between the infusion and the witch hazel, there is a high enough percentage of alcohol present to destroy bacteria, therefore no preservatives are added to this cream. Synthetic preservatives such as parabens can be avoided with "made to order" items that are usually used up long before problems arise. The concern with parabens is that absorption of these chemicals can disrupt delicate hormonal balance and build up organ toxicity. Be aware of this when you see the words methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl.

Vanilla is a much loved fragrance in perfumery for its warm and sensuous aroma. The aroma of the vanilla bean has long been popular in the candle industry for the very reason that it is good at eliminating odors. Actual vanilla pods are infused in alcohol to create a natural vanilla extract, no synthetic or artificially added ingredients to cheapen the quality.

Sage is an herb with strong astringent and cleansing properties. It's antimicrobial qualities make it very useful for natural deodorants and its sharp, clean smell add a scent appealing to both men and women. The actual herb is said to reduce perspiration if drank in tea form.

Tea tree oil is not only a deodorizer and acts as an antiseptic, but also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Lavender essential oil is also added for its antimicrobial properties, but also the fact that its refreshing fragrance blends very well with vanilla.

This deodorant spray can come in very handy for your problems with doggy odor, such as that wet dog smell on a rainy day or after a bath. Just spray onto your dog, (not cats), to eliminate odor. Do not get into the eyes.

To use:
Shake the bottle to re-blend the ingredients (there are no synthetic emulsifiers added).
For the strongest cleansing effect, apply the deodorant by adding to a cotton square and wiping the armpit area. For more convenience, you can simply spray onto the armpit regions. Unless the pop-up type cap is requested, this deodorant will come with the spray, misting type top.

**********Do not use this deodorant spray if you are pregnant or
suffer with seizures from epilepsy.***********

Vanilla, Sage Deodorant Spray comes in a 4 oz. plastic spray bottle

Natural Deodorant Spray, Vanilla & Sage, Women, Men, Dog Odor Spray Natural Deodorant Spray, Vanilla & Sage, Women, Men, Dog Odor Spray Natural Deodorant Spray, Vanilla & Sage, Women, Men, Dog Odor Spray

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