Menstrual Misery Massage Oil, Liniment, Cramps, PMS Relief, Women's Cycle

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Some call it a curse, some call it a blessing. Either way, it is usually a painful inconvenience.

The essential oil blend in our Mensus Misery Massage Oil can help relax tight muscles, reduce swelling and help get through PMS.

Menstrual cramps are a fact of life for many women. It is said the pain could be due to low calcium levels, low Vit. B6, stress and and an increase in the hormonelike substance called prostaglandin 2 secreted by the uterine lining. Abdominal and back pain is caused by spasms as the uterus contracts.

The chosen herb for this oil base is a yellow wayside wildflower called St. Johnswort. Named after John the Baptist, this flower is sought out after the summer solstice. After a two month infusion period and much anticipation it is ready to offer us its anti-inflammatory properties. These attributes are from high concentrations of the chemical component, hypericin. By helping to release spinal pain and nerve tension it is valuable as a massage oil. St. Johnswort acts as a cellular oxygenator that helps remove lactic acid build-up in muscles and can release nerve tension.

Chamomile, marjoram, ylang ylang, cypress, and helichrysum are added in the form of potent essential oils.

Chamomile serves as an anti-inflammatory and excellent relaxant as it calms and soothes achy muscles and joints.

Marjoram is great for tired, stiff muscles and spasms. Definite tonic for the nerves.

Ylang ylang is soothing to the nervous system and is often helpful in easing muscle spasms and a general comfort.

Cypress has a detoxifying effect on the whole body and can decrease the excessive flow of fluids as can be the case with menstruation.

Helichrysum is prized for its many attributes in treating skin disorders as well as an aid in reducing inflammation and muscle spasms.

For best results, begin using this oil blend a few days before the onset of your menstrual period. Apply to abdomen and back as needed. The addition of a hot water bottle or heating pad further relaxes tight muscles.

Try to eliminate sugar, fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine from your diet at least the week before your cycle begins. Yoga or light stretching can do wonders for cramps.
If you experience extremely painful periods, consult your physician to rule out an underlying condition.

Mensus Misery Massage Oil comes in a 2 oz glass dropper bottle.

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Menstrual Misery Massage Oil, Liniment, Cramps, PMS Relief, Women's Cycle Menstrual Misery Massage Oil, Liniment, Cramps, PMS Relief, Women's Cycle Menstrual Misery Massage Oil, Liniment, Cramps, PMS Relief, Women's Cycle

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