Mens Body Powder, Private Parts, Feet, Sweat, Moisture, Chafing, Aromatherapy

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Body powders are not all made with women in mind. The purpose for powders is to help one stay fresh and dry, especially in moisture sensitive areas. Differences in male and female anatomy require there be variations available in personal body care.

With the upcoming holidays, many people love to watch SNL's Christmas reruns, including the skit "Schweddy Balls". Humorous as it may be, the message behind it is a very real concern for men. To be itchy or sore in a private area is not a pleasant experience, especially when in a public place.

Body type, sweating, exercise, tight clothes, and even the weather can contribute to irritation in certain areas that experience friction. Annoying, painful inflammation from chafing can be relieved with a powder that helps to absorb excess moisture, and decrease the repetitive rubbing of skin against skin or skin against clothes.

This Mens Private Parts Powder does not contain talc. Talc is refined and powdered magnesium silicate and there is concern it may contain asbestos which is carcinogenic.

There are a variety of natural substances which can be used for homemade powders. This formula uses arrowroot powder, baking soda and kaolin clay powder, all great for absorbing moisture. Arrowroot powder is a substitute for cornstarch, often preferred because it is so fine and silky. Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, has multiple uses, but here it is added for its deodorizing power. Kaolin clay can be found in dusting powders because it helps the powder adhere without drawing the natural oils from your skin.

Zinc oxide may be familiar in that it is often added to ointments for skin rashes and moist, itchy skin conditions. Due to it's mild astringent properties, it helps to protect the skin from irritation, and if there is chafing, the skin is able to heal.

Men often have the mistaken notion that aromatherapy is for women. Men and women have different needs and different likes, but plant essences are certainly beneficial to the emotional and physical health of men as well. Men usually shy away from floral or fruity smells, but anything earthy, green, warm or woodsy is generally liked and considered masculine.

Offered here are two blends in which to choose. Please let me know upon ordering which one you prefer:

1. Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Lavender go wonderful together. Warm, balsomy-sweet Sandalwood and woody, down to earth Patchouli, both act as an anti-inflammatory to help calm things down when skin conditions flair. Though Lavender is considered a green-floral aroma, it blends well with Sandalwood and Patchouli, and men often like it for its calming effects.

2. Cedarwood, Juniper, and Frankincense are an outdoorsy, balsomy, woodsy combination.
All three offer antiseptic qualities, meaning they help to control infection. Cedarwood and Frankincense are also astringents, meaning they close pores and freshen the skin.

Men's Private Parts Powder can also be used as a foot powder to help control foot odor and bacterial problems resulting from trapped moisture in shoes.

Powder comes in a 6 oz. shaker type top bottle.
To use: Sprinkle as needed on desired areas of the body.

Mens Body Powder, Private Parts, Feet, Sweat, Moisture, Chafing, Aromatherapy Mens Body Powder, Private Parts, Feet, Sweat, Moisture, Chafing, Aromatherapy Mens Body Powder, Private Parts, Feet, Sweat, Moisture, Chafing, Aromatherapy

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