Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube

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Product Description

Having a lip balm handy can almost become a pocket pal.

Blame it on the cold in winter or the sun damage of summer, chapped lips make a person self-conscious and uncomfortable. We all know to drink plenty of water but too often our reminder is when we catch ourselves continuously licking our lips.

Take routine care of the delicate tissues of your mouth by keeping a lip balm handy. Honey Bee Lip Balm is made up of only a few yet effective ingredients. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, almond oil is not only a great moisturizer but by infusing the oil with the healing garden flower, calendula, this lip balm also serves as an herbal healing aid. Great for those painful splits in the lip. Honey holds in moisture as well as offers a hint of shine. Lemon essential oil added to the honey is a winning combination for a bit of sweet, citrusy flavor.

Since whatever goes on your lips inevitably ends up being ingested it is wise to know exactly what the product contains. Commercial lip balms often contain phenols which are used to remove dry chapped skin but in doing so can deplete the protective barrier. Balms feel so good upon application but our lips seem to quickly dry out resulting in our reaching again and again for the chap stick. As in most cosmetics shelf life is a consideration so parabens are included as preservatives which are known to be potentially toxic.
You can be assured our lip balms do not contain anything that is harmful if ingested. These balms aren't around long enough to worry about spoilage.

Note: Citrus essential oils are photosensitive. Don't apply a balm containing lemon essential oil prior to activities such as sunbathing in which your lips are fully exposed to the sun. This photo sensitivity could cause irritation.

Honey Bee Lip Balm comes in a lip balm tube and sealed for your protection.

Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube Honey n' Lemon Lip Balm, twist up tube

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