Herbal Wisdom Green Salve, Skin Irritation, Rash, Bug bites, Skin Conditions, Wound Care

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For skin inflammation, rashes and bug bites, this Herbal Salve is a definite must for the home or travel first aid kit.

Combining the beneficial properties of three wonderful plants, chickweed, comfrey, and plantain, this salve can calm things down while encouraging the tissues to repair themselves.

Ideal and safe for children and pets as there is little likelihood it will burn upon application and nothing is added that would be toxic if your pet licked it off.

Chickweed is Stellaria media which in latin means little star. The little white flowers appear to be made up of five petals but look closer and you'll see each petal has a cleft to become ten little slivers. Chickweed is one of those creeper plants often cursed by gardeners when it "invades" the garden as it self-sows very rapidly. Once the summer heat builds these flower patches seem to just disappear.

Preferring cool, moist soil, this plant is sought out by foragers as a mineral rich salad green to cleanse and strengthen the body; very nourishing to the glandular and lymphatic systems.
For topical use, chickweed is often used fresh as a poultice for any sort of skin inflammation, rash, eye irritation due to allergies, or aid to draw out infection. This cooling plant absorbs the heat while reducing the swelling and inflammation. To use as an ointment, the fresh plant is infused in olive oil for several weeks, after which it can be used alone or combined with other healing herbs. For this salve we added comfrey and plantain.

Comfrey has the reputation of being a living medicine chest. A member of the Borage family, this herb was known as the plant that can join back together what has come apart, be it broken bones or tissue repair. Bearing the sign of the planet Saturn, it stands for the joining, hardening energies.
High in silicic acid comfrey can reduce swelling, bruising and strengthen ligaments and tendons. Also known for its allantoin content, a crystalline oxidation product of uric acid, comfrey stimulates and accelerates tissue repair. For this reason if using on deeper wounds apply on the second or third day of healing. The cell-proliferate action of the allantoin in comfrey may cause the skin to close too quickly, causing the outer skin to heal before the inner wound is ready. Wounds need to heal from the inside out.

Plantain is another "lowly weed" often at the other end of the gardener's hoe in attempts to eradicate it out of the lawn. One of those wild herbs we step on without a thought but should you suffer a bee or bug bite look for the fresh plant, wad a leaf into a poultice to get the juices flowing and apply to the bite. Take note how quickly the pain of the sting is neutralized.
Plantain, or Plantago major, is known as the "Mother of Herbs". It offers many health benefits. Plantain is both edible and medicinal and a valuable aid for skin conditions. Containing astringent properties, it is used to stop bleeding, promote healing for wound care and ease the misery of bug bites.

Chickweed Herbal Salve comes in a 2 oz. plastic jar.
Cleanse and dry affected area and apply salve as needed.

Please be aware that I am making no claims that any of these products are a cure for any medical condition. They are a result of information gathered on the benefits of various plants and home remedies. They have not been tested by the FDA therefore have no studies attached to their use, only feedback from people who have tried them. I have no way of predicting how individual cases will react to use of a particular product, so please apply to a test spot before regular use. Please read the ingredient list and be aware of known allergies.

Below is a bit of information for dermatitis and psoriasis sufferers:

According to MayoClinic.com, Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects the life cycle of skin cells. As a result, skin cells build up rapidly and form thick crusty patches. These patches can be unsightly and can be itchy and irritating to the sufferer. According to OrganicFacts.net, psoriasis can be helped by taking cod liver oil. It is believed by the medical community that EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which is an omega-3 fatty acid present in fish oil, restricts the growth of inflammatory-inducing agents that can cause psoriasis. Applying fish oil topically can help to relieve this skin condition.

According to MayoClinic.com, dermatitis is a skin condition that is marked by inflammation of the skin. It can include different types such as sebhorrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis or eczema. It causes red swollen and itchy skin to develop. Dermatitis can be controlled and treated by using omega-3 fatty acids such as cod liver oil. According to MayoClinic.com, cod liver oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can improve skin rashes such as dermatitis. Applying cod liver oil directly to the rash or simply taking a supplement as directed by your physician or dermatologist may help to improve this irritating skin condition.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/92207-cod-liver-oil-benefits-skin/#ixzz1t36YPbk5

 Herbal Wisdom Green Salve, Skin Irritation, Rash, Bug bites, Skin Conditions,  Herbal Wisdom Green Salve, Skin Irritation, Rash, Bug bites, Skin Conditions,  Herbal Wisdom Green Salve, Skin Irritation, Rash, Bug bites, Skin Conditions,  Herbal Wisdom Green Salve, Skin Irritation, Rash, Bug bites, Skin Conditions,

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