Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder

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Product Description

Fungal infections are easy to contract and hard to get rid of. Fungal fighting herbs and essential oils working together can help.

Be it between the toes or between the legs, the intense itch of athletes foot or jock itch can be maddening.
Tinea pedis is the name given to athlete's foot and tinea corporis for jock itch. Very contagious, this infection is easily spread in locker rooms and public swimming pools.
Long hours spent in sweaty sneakers or shoes can also promote fungal infections.

Fungal Fighter Powder is loaded with herbs and essential oils with anti-fungal and antimicrobial disinfectants.

Black walnut, yarrow and chamomile are useful first aid herbs in that they have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Black walnut hulls contain juglone, a chemical that is antibacterial, antiviral and a fungicide.

Zinc oxide may be familiar in that it is often added to ointments for skin rashes and moist, itchy skin conditions.

Essential oils include: Tea tree oil, niaouli, bergamot, cypress, lavender and thuja. The therapeutic value of these essential oils range from treating fungal infections, itchy inflamed skin, broken skin in need of repair as well offering a solution for foot odor.

Fungal Fighter Powder is a talc free formula, therefore there is no need for concern about the presence of asbestos. Arrowroot, baking soda and kaolin clay powder are all used for their moisture absorbing, skin softening and deodorizing properties.
Though often used for body powders, cornstarch is not used for this foot powder because cornstarch seems to "feed" the rash and make it worse.

The best way to deal with a tinea infection is to keep the area dry and well ventilated.
After showering, dry feet thoroughly. For optimal results, blow dry your feet with a blow dryer, especially in between the toes.

Pair this powder with our Fungal Fighter Salts Foot Bath
If you choose to soak your feet, dry them thoroughly afterward, then use a foot conditioning pumice type tool to scrape peeling, rough skin and callouses.

Those dealing with athlete's foot should not take baths. This could spread the fungal infection and add jock itch to your discomfort.

Avoid nylon socks; wool or cotton is better able to whisk away perspiration. Keep the area between the toes as dry as possible.

Apply Fungal Fighter Powder as needed to help with a current infection or on a regular basis as a preventative measure.
Sprinkle the powder inside shoes as well.

Fungal Fighter Powder comes in a 6 oz plastic shaker type bottle

Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder Herbal Foot n' Groin Fungal Powder

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