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Gift Basket for Natural Child Care, Girl or Boy, First-Aid, Travel Kit

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Product Description

Already assembled gift basket for that special child in your life! An assortment of eight childcare products sure to come in handy for any caregiver, all tucked into a seasonally appropriate decorative basket.

Items include:
1. Sinus and Chest Vapor Rub
Relief from chest congestion due to cold symptoms.
Children under the age of five need essential oil substitutions
2 oz. plastic jar

2. Settle'n Down Children's Massage Oil
Help your child relax and calm down with your loving
touch and this calming essential oil blend.
4 oz. amber glass dropper bottle

3. Sleep Aid Dream Mist Linen Spray
Delightful linen and air spray sure to help your child
settle and drift off into slumber.
4 oz. plastic spray bottle

4. Calendula and Comfrey Herbal Boo Boo Balm
An herbal salve to aid in the healing of minor cuts,
scrapes and burns.
2 oz. plastic jar

5. Hurting Tummy Oil
Utilizing the wonder of peppermint for this belly massage
oil to help deal with motion sickness or cramped muscles.
2 oz amber glass dropper bottle

6. Germ Fighting Cold Season Air Spray
Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal essential oils
help keep germs at bay with this air and surface spray.
8 oz. plastic spray bottle

7. Black Herbal Drawing Salve

Black Herbal Drawing Salve
Old country remedy for drawing splinters to the surface for easier removal. Fights infection.
2 oz. plastic jar

7. Honey Lemon Lip Balm tube
Moisturizes dry, chapped lips.

Herbal home remedies are alternatives to conventional medical care. Herbs and essential oils used are considered safe but their use is not regulated by the FDA. Should you have any concerns about these products please check with your child's physician.

A wonderful addition to your home first aid kit!

Gift Basket for Natural Child Care, Girl or Boy, First-Aid, Travel Kit Gift Basket for Natural Child Care, Girl or Boy, First-Aid, Travel Kit Gift Basket for Natural Child Care, Girl or Boy, First-Aid, Travel Kit

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