Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment

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Calendula, Nettles and Chamomile are trusted to be gentle even during pregnancy.

CNC Herbal Vinegar Blemish Treatment & Facial Toner is a version of our original Herbal Vinegar Blemish Treatment but uses herbs listed as being safe for pregnant and lactating women.

The three herbs used for this vinegar infusion are chamomile, nettles and calendula. Upon research into which herbs are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, chamomile, calendula and nettles are trusted.

Chamomile, nettles and calendula are all important herbs for vibrant hair and skin.
Nettles are a powerhouse of nutrition as a food source and highly recommended for those with oily skin. High in sulphur nettles restore balance and vibrancy to one's complexion and hair.

Chamomile is known for use as a relief from irritated, inflamed skin conditions. A soothing, calming aid for skin eruptions due to dermatitis, blemishes and itch from allergies.

Calendula is known as a wound herb. An anti-inflammatory as well, this herb helps prevent the formation of scar tissue from those breakouts.

Menstrums used for herbal extractions can be an oil, alcohol or vinegar. For facial astringents the one of choice is a good quality raw vinegar. Whereas alcohol based toners can be drying vinegar restores the natural acidic balance of the skin. Raw vinegars don't go through the processing and distilling of the typical clear vinegars, therefore raw vinegar still contains the living nutrients and beneficial bacteria of the "mother".

After a six week period the herbs are strained and the resulting vinegar is diluted with cool, refreshing witch hazel and aloe vera, as well as a touch of hydrating glycerin.

Lavender essential oil is not only added for its therapeutic properties but for its stimulating while relaxing aroma. Added in a low concentration this essential oil is considered safe for use by pregnant women. If you are not pregnant and want a stronger concentration of lavender essential oil, just let me know.

CNC Herbal Vinegar Blemish Treatment & Toner can be used as a spot treatment or as a facial astringent. If using over your entire face experiment at first by diluting it with water on a cotton square and look for sensitivity.

For spot treatment you spray your cotton square or tissue and apply directly to the blemish. Do not spritz right onto your face. You don't want to get it into your eyes as it will burn.

Note: Witch Hazel traditionally is made through distillation resulting in a product with 14% alcohol for preservation. Witch Hazel can be made without alcohol but for preservation purposes, benzoic acid, a mild preservative is added. Please let me know upon ordering which type of witch hazel you prefer. Alcohol free is preferred if you want a product for very sensitive skin or are concerned about the toner being too drying. The traditional witch hazel with alcohol is preferred if there is concern with the risk of a preservative causing an allergic reaction.

For external use only.
Pregnant women should always ask their physician about any concerns or questions regarding anything they put in or onto their bodies.

CNC Herbal Vinegar Blemish Treatment & Toner comes in a 4 oz. plastic spray bottle. If you have a preference of the bottle please let me know.
Pictured above are the white or natural #2 HDPE or amber #1 PET plastic, all easily recyclable.

Figurine not included

Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment Gentle Herbal Vinegar Facial Toner, Blemish Treatment

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