Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment

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Product Description

Periodic dandruff or just an itchy, funky scalp is a call to get things back in balance.

Black attire is usually a very flattering part of our wardrobe. But if bothered by the tell-tale signs of a flaky scalp we certainly don't want to advertise the problem.

Both a dry or oily scalp can result in dandruff. It is the result of abnormal activity of the oil-secreting glands in the scalp. Flakes of dead skin cells build up as white scales and then slough off onto clothing.

Most commercial dandruff products help control the condition but do not eliminate the underlying source of the problem. Rosemary, tea tree oil, pine and cedarwood are all very useful for regulating the secretions of the sebaceous glands. Astringent, antiseptic and antifungal, these essential oils help to cleanse and eliminate the itchy, funky feeling of an unhealthy scalp.

A desert shrub, jojoba oil is actually the liquid wax extracted from the plants' seeds. Jojoba oil so resembles human sebum that it acts as a protective coating, sort of like a second skin. The shafts of your hair will quickly absorb this deeply penetrating oil.

Infused with the jojoba oil is the herb stinging nettles. Nettles are full of minerals, chlorophyll and antifungal properties used to prevent and treat scalp funk. Because nettles are so beneficial for the health of skin and hair, it is said to help enhance hair growth.

You are receiving 2 oz. pure jojoba oil.

Massage a small amount into scalp, wrap with a towel, and leave in at least 30 minutes, preferably overnight. Follow with a dandruff shampoo. Repeat as often as necessary. Help things along by eliminating highly saturated fatty and fried foods from your diet. A change in unhealthy lifestyle patterns and problems often correct themselves.

Dandruff Hair Treatment comes in a 2 oz. amber dropper bottle.
Two ounces consists of 12 teaspoons therefore each bottle can give you several hair treatments.
To make things a little easier to figure, it takes about four dropperfuls to fill one teaspoon.

*****There is a world wide jojoba oil shortage due to climatic change and high demand. When a supplier can get it in stock the cost has doubled. unfortunately this extends to you as the customer and there has been an unavoidable rise in the price. Hopefully this is only temporary.*********

"I left this serum on all last night and I can immediately tell the difference in how it feels. My scalp feels amazing.

"I've used plain tea tree oil on my scalp in the past and it smelled awful. This treatment doesn't have a strong smell, so I like it."

"Love the treatment - it smells great and works better than the shampoos that I have purchased in the past. I also loved the freebie!!! Thanks so much for an awesome product!"

Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment

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