Foot n' Shoe Odor Powder, talc free

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Product Description

A sprinkle a day helps keep odor away. Don't be called a Stinkfoot!

Put an end to the embarrassment of foot odor caused by trapped moist heat in your shoes and sneakers.

Stinkfoot Battle Powder is justly named because to deal with smelly feet is a constant battle when you cannot give your feet some fresh air and must spend the whole day trapped in shoes.

Commercial foot odor powders will work against foot odor but if you are concerned with the use of talc due to the possibility of asbestos contamination then this alternative is a good choice.

This formula uses kaolin clay powder, cornstarch and baking soda. All three are great for helping to prevent fungal infections in that they absorb excess moisture which helps keep feet and shoes dry.

Chosen essential oils are great for not only hindering the growth of odor causing bacteria but will also renew your spirits with its energizing aroma.
Cypress is known for being good for excessive perspiration and deodorizing sweaty feet.
Rosemary is an overall great skin tonic and we know how rosemary is frequently used to wake up and sharpen our minds.
Both in the citrus family, Bergamot and Spearmint increase blood circulation for renewed energy and a cooling touch. Bergamot also aids in the hindering of fungal growth.

Help the situation by choosing to wear wool or cotton socks, not nylon. Nylon doesn't breathe therefore traps moisture which is what starts the cycle of bacterial and fungal growth.
On a daily basis, dry your feet thoroughly after your shower, then sprinkle Stinkfoot Battle Powder on your feet and inside your shoes.
Using a blow dryer on your feet and between the toes will help get them thoroughly dry before putting on socks and shoes.

Stinkfoot Battle Powder comes in a 6 oz. plastic shaker type bottle.

Foot n' Shoe Odor Powder, talc free Foot n' Shoe Odor Powder, talc free Foot n' Shoe Odor Powder, talc free

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