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Many dog and cat owners are torn between using conventional flea and tick treatments or a natural, nontoxic solution. Chemical treatments are strongly encouraged by our veterinarians and anyone who has dealt with a flea infestation in their home has little desire to ever go through that ordeal again. But there are healthier ways for both you and your pet to deal with pesty fleas.

Fleas are a fact of life and are going to hitchhike onto your pet and into your house. The key to controlling them is first to have a good vacuum cleaner and to use it diligently. Most of the flea problem people have isn't on their pets but in their carpets, furniture and crevices in the form of eggs and larvae stages.
If interested, here is a good post all about the tenacious flea:

Choosing commercial topical flea treatments may work fine but the drawbacks are that they are made up of pesticides. Not only is that exposure not good for you or your pet, but insects become tolerant to these chemicals. Some years are worse than others for fleas and ticks and situations may at times call for bringing out the 'big guns', but for every day, every month prevention, it may be better for all involved to go the natural route to ward off pests.

An alternative is to use something fleas will not form a resistance, and that something is Diatomaceous Earth.
Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral silica and kills by physical action rather than chemical. DE is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock and consists of microscopic, skeletal remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. To insects DE is a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges, even though when we feel it, it feels soft as baby powder. When invertebrates come into contact with the finely crushed powder it scratches their exoskeletons, leaving them to die from dehydration.

The mineral content of DE is approximately 33% silicon, 19% calcium, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium, 2% iron and other trace minerals.
There are two forms of Diatomaceous Earth, Filter Grade DE (crystallized) or Food Grade DE. Food grade is the type used for this powder and is very safe and nontoxic for humans and their pets. The crystallized form is used in swimming pools and is processed by heat and shaped differently than Food Grade DE. Both forms are dusty but only the pool grade is harmful to the lungs.

Some people simply sprinkle straight DE onto their pets for flea control. But if you want an even better combination for your pet's protection, we've added a few more of nature's wonders; neem powder, yarrow powder and geranium essential oil.

The Neem tree has been known for centuries as the wonder tree of India. It has so many useful applications that it is called the "friend and protector of the Indian villager". Aside from its uses in wound healing, neem is a very effective pesticide. The compound in Neem, Azadirachtin, disrupts the metamorphosis of insect larvae. If the larvae don't molt, they die.

Yarrow is the main start to our bug deterrent body spray for people.
Yarrow is best known as a natural wound healer and anti-inflammatory for skin conditions, therefore on top of turning off biting bugs, it is very useful for soothing irritated skin from existing bug or flea bites. Pets with flea bites may suffer with itchy, red skin and the combination of the neem and yarrow helps to protect and soothe.

Then the final punch is the addition of geranium essential oil. Geranium is actually an insecticide which not only deters pests but kills them. Geranium is composed of terpene alcohols, which explains its many uses as an anti-fungal, an antiseptic as well as as aid in healing wounds and irritated skin conditions.
Rose Geranium's active ingredient is the oil geraniol, the same as citronella.
Rose Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens, is what is used for our eco-friendly tick repellent body spray.

Flea Powder comes in a 9.5 oz size or 16 oz size shaker type top plastic bottle. These sizes are the bottle types rather than the weight of the final product.
The 9.5 oz. size holds about 1 1/4 cups of powder. The 16 oz. size holds about 2 1/2 cups of powder.

This powder is a general flea and tick repellent. It is to be applied a few times during the first week it is introduced and then once a month should be sufficient. If you already have fleas, apply it every other day until you see no more traces of them. If you already know there are fleas in your home, sprinkle the powder onto pet bedding, furniture and along floor edges. Don't forget to vacuum frequently.
Dust lightly from the neck down, paying close attention to under the neck, belly and behind the tail. You don't want the powder getting into the eyes so no need to apply to the head. Those fleas can be taken off with a flea comb.

A wonderful part of using a natural flea repellent is you don't have to worry about your pet ingesting anything harmful. Pets are going to lick themselves, it's all part of grooming.
This blend is intended for topical use only, not to be used as a food supplement. Yes, diatomaceous earth and neem powder can be used to help with internal parasites but if that is your intention for purchasing this powder than please request the yarrow and geranium essential oils be left out. Yes, pets groom themselves but the problem lies in the accumulation and amount taken as a daily supplement in their food. Yarrow is bitter and in larger quantities can cause vomiting. Essential oils are concentrated and if used internally on a regular basis can become toxic to the liver

Flea & Tick Powder, Deet free, Dog and Cat Safe, Natural Pet Care, Herbal Flea & Tick Powder, Deet free, Dog and Cat Safe, Natural Pet Care, Herbal Flea & Tick Powder, Deet free, Dog and Cat Safe, Natural Pet Care, Herbal

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