Energizing Peppermint Sea Salt Bath or Foot Soak, Optional Lavender or Eucalyptus

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Be if after a workout or on a hot summer day, most people love the effects of mint.
Enjoy the minty freshness of the popular peppermint plant as an invigorating, wake up, cool down bath experience!

Warm baths are nourishing for the soul and therapeutic for the body. Take this time for your mental and physical health.

Salt baths are so common that we often forget the fact that "the simpler the better". A soak in warm salt water has long been used for achy joints and muscles as well as periodic detoxification. The addition of essential oils add their own therapeutic value as well as the pleasure of the aroma.

Epsom salts are not the same as regular table salt. Epsom salts are known as magnesium sulfate. Magnesium and sulfur are naturally present in sea water. Modern diets consisting of primarily processed foods are often deficient in these minerals. When you soak in a salt bath containing epsom salts your body will benefit as these minerals are absorbed through your skin.

Magnesium is important for combating stress by producing serotonin, which is a mood-elevating chemical that creates a sense of calm. By lowering the effects of adrenaline, blood pressure comes down, sleep is improved and basically the nerves and muscles function properly.

Sea salt is also different from table salt in that rather than being pure sodium chloride which is refined from mined rock salt(halite), sea salt is evaporated sea water. It still contains natural minerals.

Examples of the minerals in salt are calcium, potassium, bromides and magnesium. Calcium increases circulation and combats fluid retention. Potassium energizes the body, and bromides ease stiff muscles.

Dead sea salts originate from the Dead Sea, which is a salt lake located in the Middle East. The saline and mineral rich marshes have been used since ancient times for therapeutic and beautifying purposes.
Adding these luxurious salts to your bathing experience will help you understand why even the beautiful Cleopatra demanded rights to these mineral rich natural salts.

Being soluble in water, bath salts leave behind no residue therefore help keep your tub clean. Those of us with water softeners are aware that salt is what softens the water so it only makes sense that bath salts create soft water which enables any soap you use to clean better. And last, the addition of salt compared to a bath without salts is warmer for a longer period of time.

Peppermint is used so commonly for its flavor and scent that we can forget how medicinal it is as well. The addition of peppermint turns a warm bath into a medicinal remedy for relieving clogged sinuses, sore muscles, throbbing headaches, as well as mental and physical fatigue. After a day's work outside in the heat, a peppermint bath will leave you cooled off and refreshed. Realize,however, that being peppermint is stimulating, it will perk you up rather than help you relax for a night's sleep. If you don't have the time for a full bath add a tablespoon to a warm foot bath. You'll soon have a bounce back in your step.

Other options for this minty bath is to add lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to the peppermint.
Lavender is a nice relaxing addition to add to the blend.
Eucalyptus is a great addition to help clear the sinuses.

The usual recommendation for use is to add 2 - 4 TBS to a warm bath. Essential oils can increase the salt's potency so use your own discretion for the amount. You may only prefer 1 - 2 TBS.

Salt can be drying therefore a touch of vegetable glycerin is added, but you may want to moisturize following your bath. Also be sure to rehydrate by drinking water.

Those with heart conditions should check with their physician before taking hot water salt baths.
If pregnant please check with your physician before using.

Bath Salts come in an 8 oz. plastic jar with a weight of about 12 oz.
Glass bath salt bottles are very pretty but there is the risk of broken glass near bare feet if dropped.
Included is a small plastic scoop which holds up to 1.5 Tbsp.

Props used for the photo are not included.

Energizing Peppermint Sea Salt Bath or Foot Soak, Optional Lavender or Energizing Peppermint Sea Salt Bath or Foot Soak, Optional Lavender or Energizing Peppermint Sea Salt Bath or Foot Soak, Optional Lavender or

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