Dandelion Flower Balm, Salve, PMS relief, Breast Health

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Dandelions are probably the first wildflower children get to pick, touch, smell and appreciate. It is such a shame that the desire for a manicured lawn has labeled this medicinally valuable plant with such a tarnished reputation.

Think pink next time you see yellow!

According to beloved and trusted herbalist, Susan Weed, the dandelion has a special affinity for breasts. Used regularly, this golden yellow balm can help to relieve premenstrual soreness, soften thickened breast tissue, reduce cysts in the breasts and relieve impacted milk glands.

It is said to release blocked energy and pent up emotions. What better time to do just that! If you are one to relate to flowers, just think how free and uninhibited the dandelion is by showing up wherever it darn well pleases.

Regular breast massages are not only beneficial to detect any trouble, but great therapeutically for building a better self-image and strengthen the immune system in our fight against cancer. Apply this Dandelion Balm to the entire breast area and let yourself relax.

Dandelion flower oil is also good for relieving the pain from stiff necks, back tension, weepy skin sores and sinus headaches. As are many herbal salves, they have many uses. Use this balm for chapped hands, skin rashes and eczema.

Should you choose to use for sore, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, wipe off any salve before your baby latches on to feed.

Folk medicine praises the entire plant, including the roots. The salts in dandelion act to neutralize the acids in the blood, therefore considered a cleansing tonic. Taken in tea form, tincture or as salad greens, it is used to stimulate a sluggish liver and has has long had the reputation as a treatment for jaundice and gallstones. Its diuretic action not only helps with PMS and menstrual bloating, but with swollen feet, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. If you are taking prescription diuretics, check with your doctor before adding dandelion to your diet.

Dandelion Flower Balm comes in a 2 oz. plastic jar

Dandelion Flower Balm, Salve, PMS relief, Breast Health Dandelion Flower Balm, Salve, PMS relief, Breast Health Dandelion Flower Balm, Salve, PMS relief, Breast Health

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