Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints

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Product Description

Students on their own are often challenged with stress, time management, sleep disorders, and susceptibility to illness.

Parents have no idea what is really going on with their children once on their own, but we can at least send them off with some means of handling various situations.

This Care Package assortment contains natural means of handling things like headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, blemishes, sore muscles, as well as odor and germ control.
This linen and air spray is ideal for the anxious student who has trouble relaxing the mind and body. This calming, pleasant smelling spray is a great form of aromatherapy appealing to both guys and girls.
Laundry duties are not always high on a busy student's agenda, therefore the hamper can develop nasty odors. The same goes for athletic bags and shoes worn without socks, and the smelly feet themselves. This Stinkfoot Powder is great for absorbing moisture and freshening offending odors.
Change in routine, diet, sleep habits and stress all contribute to annoying facial, chest and back break-outs. Our Herbal Vinegar Blemish Treatment packs a powerful punch by utilizing the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of various medicinal herbs infused in apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is known for balancing skin pH. This blend can be used as a facial astringent (diluted) or as a spot treatment on the blemish itself.
Girls can use as a body spray and guys would probably use it as an air spray around their desk. Either way this blend is a great combination to get going in the morning or as a pick-me-up to help with concentration while studying. Lavender helps one relax and Rosemary perks up the brain.
With so many people living in close quarters, dorm rooms are a breeding ground for germs. This essential oil blend has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties very helpful to destroy germs on surfaces such as computer keyboards, phones, door knobs, bathrooms, and so on.
Overexertion from athletic training, gym workouts or just an action packed weekend can easily result in sore, achy muscles. Herbal oils, aromatherapy and beeswax combine to form a balm wonderful for relief from those aches and pains.
Muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and back are often the result of intense concentration, incorrect posture or sitting at a desk for long periods of time without stretching.
The essential oil blend relaxes jangled nerves and helps reduce inflammation.

This assortment will arrive in a decorative basket, not necessarily the one pictured.
For more information on each item please check their individual listings.
Any of these items can be substituted for something more fitting for your gift recipient if preferred.

 Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints  Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints  Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints  Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints

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