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No one plans on coming down with a cold or the flu, so have on hand what you'll need to deal with the discomfort.

Improve the air quality of the sickroom and disinfect surface areas with our Germ Fighting Air Spray. Eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree oil offer a powerful punch against the spread of bacteria and viruses on commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, phones, remote controls, bathroom features, computer keyboards... All the things normally used during the confinement of recuperation.

Help your body sweat out a fever with the Elderberry Syrup Immune Booster Syrup. This herbal remedy can be taken right off the spoon periodically throughout the day or mixed with hot water as a tea. Add honey and/or lemon if desired.
Sambucus nigra or elderberry is known in the herbal world as an immune system enhancer and a way to help the body break a fever. Not a medicine regulated by the FDA, herbal remedies rely on reputation through the years and recorded literature. This syrup uses honey in its preparation so do not use for infants under the age of 2 years.

Further enjoy a little pampering and have someone rub the Sinus and Chest Vapor Rub either on your chest or on the soles of your feet. Eucalyptus and thyme help out once again along with menthol peppermint to ease lung congestion and open airways. Being better able to breathe does wonders in clearing pressure in the sinuses and relief from a throbbing headache. Cover your chest with a soft flannel to help increase the warming action of the balm.
If using the Chest Vapor Rub on a child under 30 months of age it is advised to use it on the soles of the feet. Essential oils rich in menthol as is peppermint, should not be used on the throat or neck area of children under 30 months of age.

Mineral salt baths offer you the beneficial gifts of our soil and ocean waters. Sea salt baths are cleansing and detoxifying. So what is different about this blend? This soak is meant for when your goal is to sweat out impurities with the help of therapeutic mustard seed powder.
Perfect for when cold and flu symptoms leave you achy and stiff. This combination of salts, dry mustard, borax, clay and essential oils are a potent mix meant to open up the pores and provide essential minerals needed by our bodies for improved health. Essential oils Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Thyme and Rosemary have antiseptic, antimicrobial, and expectorant properties that help combat respiratory conditions. Reduce congestion, open up the sinuses, relieve muscle aches and headaches, all an aid to helping the body fight infection and break a fever.
Pregnant women, children under the age of five and those with a heart condition should seek physician's advice before taking a full body salt bath. Use this salt mix as a foot bath soak instead.

The Sleep Aid Linen or Air Spray is awesome anytime but when a person doesn't feel well and just wants to drift away into dreamland, this can certainly help. Relaxing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, sweet orange and ylang ylang combine for a blend sure to become a bedside staple.

Peppermint is just one of many types of mint in the Mentha family. Though very common in the world of herbs mint is certainly not a lowly plant.
Known as the herb of hospitality, mint has long been used everywhere from the kitchen to the sickroom. This body spray can also be used in a multitude of ways. Spray around the room to freshen, enliven and help destroy germs. Spray onto fingertips and rub temples for a headache, apply under nostrils to open up the airways, ease congestion or help relieve nausea.

Cold sores, those unsightly little blisters around the mouth, are caused by the same herpes virus that is responsible for the chicken pox. For those of you who are familiar with these painful sores, you are aware that the virus lies dormant in your system and seems to surfaces whenever you get run down and your resistance is low. If you can nip them in the bud, wonderful, otherwise they just have to run their coarse. Our Cold Sore Lip Balm is very soothing when the blisters crack, harden and finally dry up and disappear. You'll have to experiment as to how to use this balm. When a cold sore is present, it is to be applied to the blistered area itself. It can be used as a preventative and applied as any other lip balm, but be aware with some people it dries out their lips. Available in either a tube or little pot. Let me know if you have a preference.

Top all this off with a warm bowl of homemade soup, chamomile or peppermint leaf tea and feel better soon.

This Home Remedy Kit is made up of an 8 oz.plastic bottle of the Germ Fighting Air or Surface Spray, a 4 oz. glass dropper bottle of the Elderberry Syrup, a 2 oz. plastic jar of the Sinus and Chest Vapor Rub, a 4 oz. plastic bottle of the Sleep Aid Spray, a 4 oz. plastic bottle of the Peppermint Spray, an 8 oz. plastic jar of the Mustard Mineral Bath Salts, and a tube of the Cold Sore Lip Balm.

If you would like this assortment as a gift, let me know and it'll arrive packaged as a gift basket.
An included card with a message is available if desired.

If you'd like a substitution for anything item in the assortment let me know.

Meadow Muffin Gardens is the result of a passion to recognize the abundance of natural gifts provided to us by our Creator. Our desire is to utilize the healing power of plants and encourage people to educate themselves towards a greener footprint in their lives.
We supply an alternative choice for personal care products. We are not intending to treat or cure any particular condition. As with any herbal remedy, information and formulas have not been regulated by the FDA. Herbal lore has been trusted and handed down through the years but it is within your discretion how you use this information in treating a condition. Meadow Muffin Gardens does not take responsibility for your use of these products. Ingredients are listed so you as the consumer can use your own discretion as to which herbs, oils and essential oils may be beneficial to your needs.

Just for your information:
Got the Flu? Or is it a Cold?

by Sandi Duncan From: Healthy Living

Symptoms of both a cold and the flu can be similar. Both the common cold and the flu (influenza) are caused by viruses—but by different types of viruses.

The rhinovirus is the most common cause of a cold, while the influenza virus causes the flu. A fever is common with the flu, but rare with a cold. You may have a headache, muscle pains, weakness and fatigue with a cold, but with the flu, these symptoms are very common and usually severe.

Runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat are common with a cold, but less common with the flu.

Both the common cold and the flu can lead to complications. The common cold can cause sinus congestion and earaches. The flu can lead to more severe problems such as bronchitis and pneumonia. It is a good idea to seek medical attention if these symptoms seem to linger or become severe.

Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea Cold and Flu Season Remedy Assortment, Holistic Home Care, Gift Idea

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