Coffee & Vanilla Bean Body Spray, Uplift, Energize, Warming

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Product Description

Enliven the start of your day with vanilla and coffee in the form of a body spray!

Body sprays are a pleasant, refreshing, yet personal statement in a body care routine. If the strength of colognes and perfumes come on a bit too strong, then a light body spray would be ideal. Pleasant body spray for men or women.

Whatever we put onto our bodies gets absorbed into our systems. As a wise consumer you'll want to know what is in a product before slathering it all over your body. This body Spray contains distilled water, a bit of alcohol to prevent bacterial contamination, a touch of skin-soothing vegetable glycerin, vanilla oleoresin and coffee bean CO2.

True therapeutic essential oils aren't just there for their delightful fragrance. The spirit of the plant is retained during the diffusion or extraction process as the precious drops of oil are collected.

The most likely explanation as to why vanilla's scent is so captivating lies in the fact that the sweet fragrance (Heliotropin) in vanilla has the ability to soothe emotional tension, anxiety and lift one's spirits. A product that put's both men and women in the mood for connecting on an emotional as well as physical level is definitely worth being called the "nectar of the gods".

Natural vanilla is not the same as synthetic vanilla. Ninety-five percent of all vanilla used as a fragrance or flavoring is synthetic. Rather than just smell good, only natural vanilla beans can offer you the true, therapeutic value to the brain and nervous system. Vanilla can have a positive effect on those dealing with depression and anxiety.

Vanilla beans soaked in 100 proof alcohol results in a tincture valuable not only as a food extract but wonderful in air and body sprays. No synthetic or artificially added fragrance oils are added. Vanilla can easily be described as 'the warmth of home sweet home, ideal anytime you want to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Coffee Essential oil is energizing for the body and mind and often used in blends for soothing aching muscles and aging skincare.
Containing small amounts of caffeine, if pregnant, check with your physician before using this body spray.
Think about the uplifting and energizing boost you get from that first cup of morning coffee. Now you can benefit from aromatherapy to help focus your mind for the day ahead.

Coffee bean essential oil isn't from distillation as are many essential oils, but made using cold compressed CO2 gas in a process with a lower temperature than that for distillation. Coffee CO2 is an aromatic fatty oil with coffee flavor components (e.g., 2-furanmethanol, methylpyrazine, furfuryl acetate), as well as less than 0.5 % caffeine.

Being real vanilla bean pods are used to make the alcohol extract, be aware when spraying near light colored fabric or furniture that the tannins could spot. Should this happen , just blot while still damp using a clean cloth.

This body spray comes in a 4 oz. plastic spray bottle

If you would like this spray to be vanilla, without the coffee, just let me know

Coffee & Vanilla Bean Body Spray, Uplift, Energize, Warming Coffee & Vanilla Bean Body Spray, Uplift, Energize, Warming

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