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Camping, Festival, Beach Care Package


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Herbal Blend Hand and Body Lotion, Rosemary, Lavender


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Natural Deodorant Spray, Vanilla & Sage, Women, Men, Dog Odor Spray


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Non-Aerosol Lemon and Eucalyptus Air Freshening Spray


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Facial Cleanse, Serum, Soap free Face Wash, Facial Oil, Rosewater, Aloe, Olive oil, 8 oz size


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Restless Mind Sleep Aid Linen Spray


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Meadow Muffin Gardens

Natural, environmentally friendly and affordable home remedies and personal body care for the family. Homemade, handmade, organic when possible, all with a touch of the love and wisdom from past generations. Knowledge of what is in your products is the start to taking back control as a consumer.