Aloe and Lavender Body Spray for Sunburn Relief, Moisturize, Bug Bites, Pet Care


Anxiety Relief Spray, Pet Fears, Dogs, Cats, Animal Rescue, Air, Linens, Sleep, Aromatherapy, Calming


Face The Day Body Spray, Confidence Boost, Rosewood, Coriander, Orange


Fungal Salt Soak Foot Bath


Tooth Powder, Remineralizing Oral Care, Teeth Cleaning, Mouth Care


Camping, Festival, Beach Care Package


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Meadow Muffin Gardens

Natural, environmentally friendly and affordable home remedies and personal body care for the family. Homemade, handmade, organic when possible, all with a touch of the love and wisdom from past generations. Knowledge of what is in your products is the start to taking back control as a consumer.